Monday, 17 September 2012

William Goes Home

Today sees the departure from the nursery of a cute little chap that I have become quite attached to.  William has been to a couple of shows with me hoping to find his new home without success when out of the blue he was snapped up by a previous customer of mine from my website.

I was so pleased when I saw the name of the buyer, as I have done a custom for this lady in the past and she was a dream to work with on the project so I know that not only will William have a good home but he will be treasured by someone who understands and appreciates the artform.

So William has been packed to go to his new home along with his bosom buddy puppy.

I'm loving the PLBD customisable boxes, hopefully the box will be something that Williams new family will hold onto just because it's prettily decorated and perfect for moving him in should they need to.

I plan on stocking these boxes in the UK so if you are interested in them do feel free to drop me a line. 


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