Monday, 10 January 2011

First Love Now Named Cora Completed

It's been a couple of weeks since I started this little one and now having completed her, a name just popped into my mind when I looked at her little face.  Cora,   a sweet little name for a tiny little poppet.

Having said that, I am reliably informed that this baby is not a girl and is very much a boy.  No!!! Say it ain't so!  I think I need to stare at her/him a bit more and really make sure.  But I suppose if people can see a baby dressed in pink and surrounded by pink and still tell you it's a boy then hmmm one ought to think again.

Deanna Goes to Spain

I had a lovely little Christmas surprise when one of my auctions finished with a happy ending as little Deanna caught someone's eye. Deanna has now made her way to Spain to meet her new family.  

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Maya Leaves The Nursery

Little Maya was adopted just after Christmas,  a lovely couple came to visit my nursery to look over the babies I had available and little Maya caught their eye.

So after some cuddles Maya has left Best Beloved with her new family. It was a very special experience seeing someone fall in love for the first time.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

WIP - First Love

This is a sculpt that I just had to get, as soon as I saw the original sculpt by Ruth Annette on Facebook I just knew I wanted to do this little one. That fragile gentle little face is just something very special. 

As a little Christmas light relief I thought I would just enjoy some painting time, it's funny how although it's quite a skillful thing to do it's also very relaxing and I find it very relaxing, I find that as I am painting my mood lifts, no matter how black and the tension I am feeling eases.  Maybe that's just a reaction from doing anything that you enjoy.

I've worked on the base laters, the earliest skin undertones in blue, red, green and purple which always look a little strange.

I am really happy with the skin tones that are developing,  I will update in a few more layers.