Wednesday, 9 February 2011

DIY Rooting Needle Holder

I don't particularly like any of the commercially made needle holders, I get really bad RSI and i find they make my wrists ache... Plus I am quite heavy handed and tend to snap needles if they are in the commercial holders. So this is my way of getting round those problems, I find the needles flex more this way and are less likely to snap.

You will need:

1 Earplug (you could use something else but I find earplugs cheap and flexible

Rooting Needle

2-3 Hair bands (the cheap ones without the metal closure are best)

You will also need a pair of needle nose tweezers, you could actually just do this with a rooting needle but it runs the risk of bending.

I got these from an electrical store called Maplin for about £2 and I find them great for use during rooting as well for pulling out the extra hairs.

The first step is to poke a hole into your earplug, doesnt have to go all the way through, grab the centre of the ear plug with your needle nose tweezers and twist, that bores quite a nice neat little hole.

Push the end of your needle into the hole in your earplug and pull the earplug down, don't go push the needle all the way through, the earplug will act as protection for your fingertip.

Once your earplug is on take one of the hair bands and twist it round and round over the top of the needle... avoid doing this at the business end... there can be painful consequences.

I find 2 hair bands works fine for me, but you can use 3, twist them nice and tightly.

This is what you should end up with.