Monday, 27 June 2011

Life Saving Accessory

If you use Genesis Heatset paints for any length of time one of the things you will eventually find that annoys you is dust in your paint.  It's never easy to guess how much paint you will need for a particular baby and if you are like me and like to mix your own shades it's never easy to remember exactly what quantities of each colour...   I always ended up with tons of paint going to waste or sitting in my pallet and going dry and dusty over the hours, specially overnight. 

And then a moment of genius struck, it does happen on occasion,  little jars, that's what I needed.  And what an amazing bonus they have been... cheap and cheerful but so useful.  Mix your paint as you normally would 1 part GHSP to 10 parts thinner is the usual ratio.   

I like to mix up a lot of my favourite colours and I can relax in the knowledge that once the lid is on the jar my paints will remain dust free and the thinners won't evaporate too quickly either. 


GHSP lasts indefinitely inside the jars, some of my paints have been in my jars for months I just keep topping up with thinners and additional paint if I am running low.

The paints do separate from the thinners and float to the bottom of the jar over time. But don't let this concern you,  the paint is just heavier than the thinners so the particles of paint will drop down... but a quick shake of your closed jar mixes the paint back up.

Do make sure to test your paint thickness however as even with the lid closed tight thinners will evaporate to some degree so you may need to add extra

I do bring empty jars with me and have them on my tables at dollshows so if you want to grab a set of 6 for £4 pop by and see me. 

 Genesis Heatset Paint supplies available from

Monday, 20 June 2011

Discover Dolls Show - Peterborough June 2011

As always the Discover Dolls Show was a busy and full weekend.  The summer version of the doll show ran over two days. On the first day as well as the stands there was also demonstrations by Doll Artists showing different painting and rooting technique over several hours during the middle of the day.

I was really impressed by the generosity of the doll community as was shown by the tables laden with prizes for both the Make A Wish Foundation fund raising and the Tombola.

My own donation to the Make A Wish table was Fraser who was lucky enough to be won and went off with his happy new owner. 

For me however, the best part of the weekend was having a visit from our friends Sam and Garry,  Sam who was a star helping me out over the two days but also just the fun we had over the entire weekend.  Friends do seem to make any event so much better.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Silk Yarn Rocks

My husband is teasing me mightily for my latest obsession with knitting booties... started off as a quickie thing that I could do in the car on those long car rides. I've knitted since I was little, my mother says I started at about 4 or 5 and I used to knit a lot but in the moves and the packing and unpacking I kind of mislaid all my things.  

Why booties?  Well because they are quick to do and there is an infinite variety, I can experiment with different wools and patterns. Craftwise it's pretty instant gratification. 

So today's little beauties are these booties... knitting in silk yarn, incredibly fine at only about 2 ply and knitted on 2mm needles... teeny tiny little gems!

Who could resist this blue it's so jewel like.  I made these to fit a teeny baby or sculpt.

Modelled here on Cora my First Love Sculpt and she is only a 14inch reborn so you can see these boots will keep tiny tootsies terribly toastie... Hey I'm a poet I just didn't know it!

More of my bootie creations are for sale on my new website