Thursday, 30 August 2012

Why NOT to store your Certificates in with your kits!

Argh!  This has to be one of the nightmare moments of reborning, you buy kits, which, let's face it aren't cheap and you carefully store them only to go back to them and discover that the ink from the Certificate of Authenticity has transferred onto the kit.  

Obviously this is not the end of the world and can be fixed, but it's time consuming and ever so slightly irritating to have to do it.

So there is a major lesson to be learned here. DO NOT store the C.O.A's in the same bag as your kit. 

Either put the C.O.A into a bag of its own so that none of the print touches the kit pieces or else store it somewhere else entirely. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Available for Custom Orders

Looking through my stash of kits... it's a time for a bit of a clear out... there are loads LOL  but I have found some beauties that are available for custom ordering, the kind of kits you sit on hoping someone will want one done to order.  I have some really rare ones in amongst them so keep your eyes open for more blog posts, you might see one that you've really wanted done.

First up is the Maggie Sculpt by Tamie Yarie, this little cutie has been long sold out and hard to find,  surprisingly I forgot I even had this kit, actually no that's not a surprise, my dolly friends will tell you I am a kit hoarder and never actually remember what I have.

Soairse is quite a new kit, released this year, but even with a 1000 limited edition she sold out really quickly and is really hard to find.

I am offering layaway options on my custom orders,  £100 non refundable downpayment with a relaxed payment plan. If you would like either of these kits as a custom created baby do contact me.