Saturday, 23 April 2011

First Group Teaching Experience

I had my very first experience of teaching in a group setting just before the recent Brighton Doll Festival. I have to admit to being quite scared beforehand.  I mean I have taught in a one on one setting and although nervewracking being one to one with someone you don't have to be so concerned about timing the class or rather running out of time. 

I was lucky enough to have three lovely students for my first group lesson, all three were keen, motivated and open minded about what we were going to do with our two days. We were blessed with excellent weather, it's always so much easier to be creative when the sun is shining!   And also blessed with a wonderful venue for our workshop. 

Ceinwen Clarke played host to the workshop in her light airy workroom, light and airy but also a treasure trove of crafting goodies... the urge to go for a rummage is always difficult to resist in that room.  We were working on an Ember sculpt, a very cute sleeper kit.  On the first day we managed to do the bulk of the skin tones on our kits and it left us in just the right position to concentrate on the fine details and to be able to have rooting demonstrations from myself, Ceinwen and Donna Wells.    As well as Donna giving an excellent weighting demonstration which just showed how different everyone's techniques can be. 

By the end of the two days the three students went home with completely painted and assembled babies and very full tummies from all the excellent food Ceinwen plied us with.

Future classes are going to be held in Brighton, Wellingborough and Whittlesea, for details feel free to contact me, Ceinwen or Cathy Read.