Monday, 24 September 2012

Sweet Little Valerie

I know that Secrist kits are a little bit out of favour these days, all the hoohah over oily vinyl really put a bit of a damper on the kits, but the truth is they are actually nice kits,  a bit of a muck up with the vinyl formula seems to have been sorted out and even the older kits are still usable... you just need to know how to handle them.  

Valerie here has been reborned from a Secrist Erin kit, I particularly liked the shape of her head and the sweet pouty lips.  Initially I reborned her to show you can get a really nice skintone on a Secrist kit if you just neutralise the colour properly to start with. A previous post dealt with using mint green paint to neutralise the pinky orange vinyl colour.

Valerie is available to purchase from my website Best Beloved ~ AvailableBabies

The gorgeous outfit Valerie is wearing was handknitted by Anne-Marie Edwards


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