Thursday, 3 May 2012

Andrew ~ WIP

I fell in love with this kit before it was ever even created as a kit, when Nicole Russell shared her pictures of the OOAK of the Brayden sculpt, I knew at that point that I was seeing something special and I have to admit I have not been disappointed.  

Quite often when an OOAK goes from OOAK to kit, something gets lost in translation, size, detail, something.  But this time was different, the kit came out as beautifully as the OOAK itself.
I really took my time with the painting on this little lad and he is a boy, his face just screams boy to me. Now that the painting is complete apart from eyebrows, I won't do those until after his hair is rooted, I really like to get a good colour match with the eyebrows and I don't feel I can until after all the hair is rooted in. 

So Andrew as I am tentatively naming him will be joining the rooting queue, unless of course a prospective buyer comes along who wants him, then he will jump the queue and get done quicker. So if that new owner is you give me a shout and we can get this little man rooted quicker AND you can choose the hair colour.

Otherwise I think I will attempt to get this little fellow finished in time for the upcoming Discover Dolls Show at Peterborough in June.


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