Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rowena Arrives Home

I heard from Rosemary today that Rowena has arrived home safe and sound.  I am so pleased, its always a tenterhooks moment until you hear from your customer that their baby has arrived and that they are happy.

So when I received such glowing feedback from Rosemary this morning I was almost in tears, it really made my day. 
I have loved working with Rosemary on Rowena, it was an absolutely pleasurable experience. 
Dear Lisa, I was going to write this in a pm but I want other people to know this also. Rowena arrived this morning and when I finally opened the box and saw her I was overcome with joy. her photos DO NOT do her justice, she is so beautiful and so well 'reborned' she truly is a work of art.
To hold her in my arms was just like holding my Olivia Rose, I could have cried. You have been very kind sending me updated photos but NOTHING prepared me for just how absolutely perfect she was, I love her Lisa, thank you so much ♥ 


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