Friday, 17 June 2011

Silk Yarn Rocks

My husband is teasing me mightily for my latest obsession with knitting booties... started off as a quickie thing that I could do in the car on those long car rides. I've knitted since I was little, my mother says I started at about 4 or 5 and I used to knit a lot but in the moves and the packing and unpacking I kind of mislaid all my things.  

Why booties?  Well because they are quick to do and there is an infinite variety, I can experiment with different wools and patterns. Craftwise it's pretty instant gratification. 

So today's little beauties are these booties... knitting in silk yarn, incredibly fine at only about 2 ply and knitted on 2mm needles... teeny tiny little gems!

Who could resist this blue it's so jewel like.  I made these to fit a teeny baby or sculpt.

Modelled here on Cora my First Love Sculpt and she is only a 14inch reborn so you can see these boots will keep tiny tootsies terribly toastie... Hey I'm a poet I just didn't know it!

More of my bootie creations are for sale on my new website


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