Monday, 20 June 2011

Discover Dolls Show - Peterborough June 2011

As always the Discover Dolls Show was a busy and full weekend.  The summer version of the doll show ran over two days. On the first day as well as the stands there was also demonstrations by Doll Artists showing different painting and rooting technique over several hours during the middle of the day.

I was really impressed by the generosity of the doll community as was shown by the tables laden with prizes for both the Make A Wish Foundation fund raising and the Tombola.

My own donation to the Make A Wish table was Fraser who was lucky enough to be won and went off with his happy new owner. 

For me however, the best part of the weekend was having a visit from our friends Sam and Garry,  Sam who was a star helping me out over the two days but also just the fun we had over the entire weekend.  Friends do seem to make any event so much better.


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