Tuesday, 2 February 2010

It Was All Fun At The Fair

The morning was cold, so cold I had to scrape ice off the car and Cassie and I shivered for the 5 minute drive to McDonalds where we captured breakfast bagels (YUM!!!) before setting off for the fair venue.

You know when you have a good friend in someone when they are prepared to drag their carcass out of bed on a Sunday morning at silly o'clock to help you set up and run a stand at a craft fair.
The venue was really easy to find, always a bonus for the geographically challenged like myself and unloading, a breeze we could pull up right outside and just trundle everything inside. So important when you have a stand to set up and tons of stuff to bring in and you're half asleep from lack of sleep from anxiety and excitement.

I really loved the venue, outside great parking and easy access and inside a big airy room with lots of space to maneouvre and bonus 2 bars! We only had one table to organise so it wasn't terribly long before we were all set and even had time to spare to have a chat with another reborn artist who also had a table.

The day was mostly busy with a steady stream of visitors who showed, on the whole, a lot of positive interest in the dolls and were keen to ask questions about how much work goes into a doll and were quite shocked at the estimate of 120 hours of painstaking work.

Cassie and myself took turns to take a little wander around the rest of the show and there were so many wonderful things to see and buy, Cassie was particularly taken by a range of childrens clothing and I was in awe of some pottery and some mosaic glass art that was there for sale.

One of my mini's was lucky enough to find herself a new home with a very sweet lady who seemed particularly taken with the doll art.

By the time the event ended (4pm) I was feeling rather pooped and more than ready to pack up, head home and order a Chinese, mmmm Sweet and Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style, so so good!


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