Monday, 22 February 2010

Curly Hair - How To

I had a recent custom order where the customer requested curly hair, now whilst you can get wavy mohair, properly curly is not so easy to find, so I thought I might have to be a bit ingenious about how I achieved properly curly hair.

The customer had chosen a Luca sculpt as a gift for her daughter and requested green eyes, handrooted eyelashes and closely rooted dark brown hair, long enough to tie in bunches but with curls.

So this is how I did it.

Obviously with mohair you could use curlers or tongs but the curls may just drop out and I wanted something a bit more permanent, plus curlers were a bit too big for the hair so I had a moment of genius and thought why not use straws and hair grips.

What I used:
A handful of straws
Hair grips (1 per curler)
Setting Lotion
Spray Bottle

I wasn't entirely sure about the setting lotion so I used a solution of about 1 part setting lotion to 4 parts water and used a spray bottle to apply it to the hair.

I cut the straws into 1inch - 1.5 inch pieces but you could use longer pieces of straw and I also found that the type of straw you use make a difference, the straws you get in McDonalds are slightly bigger in diameter and give really nice fat curls whereas drinks straws from Tesco give smaller tighter curls.

Part the hair into small segments and use your water/setting lotion spray to spray each segment.

I also found there were two ways to achieve nice curls, one was to twist each segment of hair before rolling it up on a length of straw.
Twisting the hair before rolling it gives a nice dropped ringlet effect which is very charming but doesn't hold as well as flat rollering.

Continue all the way around the head, stick with small segments of hair and spray well each time, until the whole head is done.

Spray the curled hair with a mist of your water/setting lotion mix.
Once you've sprayed the hair the best thing to do is just to let it dry out naturally.

When you take the curlers out don't comb them out, it will make the hair frizzy, separate the curls gently with your fingers.


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