Monday, 11 June 2012

Discover Dolls - Peterborough June 2012

Wow what a weekend it was a brilliant one, we were lucky the weather actually cleared and we had our first rain free days for a while.  Someone liked us all very much.  The show was busy, this one is the longest doll show of the calendar, two full days of dolly heaven.  It was so good to see so many new faces and so many more familiar ones ( I was going to say older ones but I bit my tongue). 

I loved my L shaped spot beside the door in the main room and I was really happy to have Shirley Jones from Sugar Plum Nursery next to me, we don't get to chat often enough so 2 full days of nattering was just fabulous! Ok granted we did talk to lots of other people as well.

There was a full turn out of stands, with all the babies, tools, kits, clothing and accessories you could possibly want.

I sold a doll, my sweet little Philip was lucky enough to find someone who wanted to take him home.  I kind of knew this lady had fallen in love, the 5 visits to look at him were a big clue but it really made me happy to see someone so excited and inspired by my work.

There was some amazing dolls on display at the show and I was really inspired watching the skill demonstrations at the PLBD stand.

I was really pleased at how well my customised mini babies sold at the show, but that's for another post.  Can't wait until the next show when I can see all my friends again.